Fame and Shame 2015

The results are in for Fame and Shame 2015. See who swept the board for junk food marketing to kids, taking out three Shame awards including a special ‘Worst of the Decade’ award?

Pester power: 

For the food marketing campaign that causes children to nag the most.

McDonald’s Australia

Digital ninja: 

For digital games or social media marketing that promotes unhealthy food and drinks to children.

McDonald’s Australia

Smoke & mirrors: 

For the use of health claims on children’s food making it appear healthier than it is.

Coca-Cola Life

Sponsorship -Big-Bash-League
Foul sport: 

For a company, team or athlete who uses sport to promote unhealthy food and drinks to influence children.

KFC for Big Bash League sponsorship

Media spotlight: 

Highlights media industry interest in exposing junk food marketing to children during the year.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering ABC TV

Parents choice: 

Highlights campaigns which promote healthy eating to kids.

Pick Bright. Feel Right! – Nutrition Australia, Produce Marketing Association Australia and New Zealand and The Wiggles

Worst of the decade: 

For the worst serial offender over ten years of Fame and Shame.

McDonald’s Australia