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October 6 2015 Welcome  to Parents’ Voice

After nine months in gestation, several sleepless nights in preparation and a few more grey hairs (!), we can finally reveal our new arrival… Please...

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August 4 2015 Part of the everyday

At ten, she is certainly ready to take part in food planning. Sometimes it is as simple as getting her to come along when we’re shopping for food, a...

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June 29 2015 Lunchbox Confusion

This year my oldest started preschool and as I navigated this new system, filled in what seemed like an endless amount of paperwork, I was pleased to ...

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March 23 2015 Does Advertising Work?

It's almost impossible for parents to shield their children from junk and fast food marketing. About a quarter of ACT children and more than 60 per...

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February 11 2015 Sugar Sugar

That Sugar Film When I heard about this film, I gave a little yawn and rolled my eyes. Hadn’t Morgan Spurlock done this more than ten years ago wit...

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October 28 2014 5 Tips To Make The Morning Fun

Mostly we  - those of us who work full-time - are immune to this as we get up first, get ready in peace and throw our breakfast down in order to get ...

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