Coke Free Carols

Parents’ Voice has joined forces with 13 other health promotion organisations to stop the Coke Christmas truck. To contribute, sign our petition:

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Why we’re concerned

Coca-Cola has partnered with The Salvation Army for a Coke Christmas truck tour of New South Wales and Queensland. In response, a collaboration of 14 health bodies have come together for two open letters expressing their collective frustration.

 Open letter to Coca-Cola / Open letter to The Salvation Army

They have been signed by Parents’ Voice, the Australian Dental Association, Australian Health Promotion Association, Dental Hygienists Association of Australia, Diabetes Australia, LiveLighter WA, Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Association, Nutrition Australia, Obesity Policy Coalition, Public Health Association of Australia, SugarByHalf, Sugar Free Smiles, YMCA Victoria, and members of the Food Governance Node at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.

Media Release: Public health coalition calls for sugary Christmas truck to be scrapped

The truck, promoted as an opportunity to spread “Christmas cheer”, flies in the face of Coke’s commitment to avoid marketing to kids under 12.

The 14 partners consider the truck a prime example of stealth marketing, with children in Tamworth, Townsville and Mt Isa exposed to Coca-Cola branding in addition to the truck’s bright lights and Christmas carols.

Speaking of carols, the truck is set to end its journey at Sydney’s Carols in the Domain, an event primarily for children. That’s why we’ve launched #CokeFreeCarols.

Sign the petition – let’s stop the Truck!

We now request the truck’s journey ends before Carols in the Domain, and appeal to Coca-Cola to cease campaigns which promote unhealthy products to kids