Who are we?

Parents’ Voice is an online movement of parents who are interested in improving the food and activity environments of Australian children. Formerly known as The Parents’ Jury, Parents’ Voice was formed in 2004 and now represents thousands of Australian parents.

Parents’ Voice is supported by Diabetes Victoria and VicHealth.

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Digital media guru, Alice, is passionate about supporting parents to make positive change. Formerly Deputy Mayor at Moreland City Council, Alice is a seasoned champion of community rights and has previously worked in digital communications. Mum to Charlie (10) and Annabel (6), Alice gets that parents are always learning and loves exchanging tips and advice with Parents' Voice online community.

Alice Pryor


Evie is a communications graduate from Deakin University. She is driven by a passion for promoting kids health and was a volunteer at Parents’ Voice before transitioning into the Communications Officer role.

Got a parenting story, blog idea or any tips that you would like to share? Contact Evie at evie@parentsvoice.org.au.

Evie Dartnell

Communications Officer

Parents’ Voice Steering Committee

Our work is guided by a Steering Committee, with representation from our partners and parent members. The Steering Committee is responsible for strategic & policy direction, with the day to day operation managed by a small team.

Wendy has worked in a diverse range of health and human services in both metropolitan and rural settings. She has a keen interest is supporting services to build evidence and to translate research into action. In recent times Wendy has co-edited a book on Climate Change Adaptation for Health and Social Services.

Wendy Mason

Chair - Parents' Voice | Prevention and Health Promotion Manager, Diabetes Victoria

Rebecca is a busy mum of three who is determined to leave her children a world that is a little bit better than the one we live in today. She has worked in health promotion for 20 years, has a Masters of Public Health, and runs her own consultancy business from home while juggling family life.

Rebecca Zosel

Parent Member

Nicole is a passionate health advocate, spokesperson, business owner, Exercise Physiologist and mother of two small boys. She works closely with a number of non-profit organisations such as Parents' Voice, Diabetes Victoria and the Girls Uniform Agenda in an effort to increase levels of physical activity in kids and adults alike.

Nicole French

Parent Member

Jenna is an active mother of two young boys and she understands the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle for her family. She is excited to promote children’s health and increase support for families to make the healthiest choice. She holds degrees in education and human movement and is passionate about teaching health to high school students.

Jenna Smith

Parent Member

Kristy brings a background in health promotion and public health, both at a community level and policy level. Kristy founded Zockmelon (www.zockmelon.com.au), a health promotion and social media consulting business to help public health organisations use social media effectively. Kristy is a proud mum of two funny and clever boys.

Kristy Schirmer

Parent Member

Growing up with food allergies, Rachel has long been interested in food and nutrition. A Masters in Nutrition led to her current role as a food/nutrition journalist for CHOICE. As a mother of three young children she feels it's more complex than ever navigating the labels, claims and marketing for food, and believes Parents' Voice plays a vital role in informing and empowering parents to make healthier choices.

Rachel Clemons

Parent Member

Cat is a busy working mum of three. She has worked as a nutritionist advocating for healthy choices in mining, education and hospitals, as well delivering various health and wellness programs helping people to make positive behaviour changes. She is just as passionate about fighting for healthy choices for children and families. She has a degree in Human Movement and holds a post grad in Human Nutrition.

Cat Walker

Parent Member

Craig is a health economist by training and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management. He has held senior management positions in both the private and public health care sectors in Australia and overseas. He has also worked for an international consulting firm and as an academic economist. His research interests include cost-effectiveness studies and the evidence-base for clinical practice.

Adjunct Professor Craig Bennett

Chief Executive Officer | Diabetes Victoria

A long term advocate for effective policy approaches for prevention of risk factors in alcohol and obesity prevention, Jane currently leads the Obesity Policy Coalition which provides high level policy and regulatory advice around food policy issues. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at University of Western Australia and a Masters in Public Health at Monash University. She is a mother of two now grown up children.

Jane Martin

Executive Manager | Obesity Policy Coalition

Mother of three , Kylie has 18 years of experience in health research around understanding what influences children’s weight status, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. By working with families around practical strategies that can be incorporated into busy routines, she seeks to help parents provide their children with a healthy start to life.

Kylie Hesketh

Australian Research Council Future Fellow | Deakin University’s Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN)

Wendy has qualifications in Chemistry and Nutrition and enjoys volunteering to utilise her advocacy skills. Her work uses research and advocacy to improve the food environment, including protecting children from food marketing and better food labelling. She is currently the Nutrition Program Manager at Cancer Council NSW.

Wendy Watson

Senior Nutrition Project Officer - Cancer Prevention and Advocacy Division | Cancer Council NSW

As YMCA Victoria’s Advocacy Manager, Alethea leads organisational policy, research and advocacy aimed at improving community health and wellbeing. As a mother of two, Alethea is especially interested in creating environments that support parents to help their children lead healthy, active lives. Alethea holds degrees in Social and Health Sciences and is completing a Masters in Health Promotion.

Alethea Jerebine

Advocacy and Partnerships Manager | YMCA Victoria

Kirstan is the Executive Manager of the Programs Group at VicHealth. She has over 16 years of experience in health promotion. Kirstan is passionate about promoting health in sport, education, healthcare and community settings. Kirstan has a background in physiotherapy and Masters Degrees in health promotion and organisational leadership.

Kirstan Corben

Executive Manager, Programs Group | VicHealth

Jane has over 20 years working in public health and population nutrition in Australia and the UK. She is passionate about creating healthier food cultures and environments to encourage better nutrition. Jane has a particular interest in working with communities to co-design efforts that promote good nutrition, particularly those communities most likely to experience with-related poor health.

Jane Potter

Principal Program Officer - Healthy Eating | VicHealth