For years there has been a chasm between what fast food brands show in their ads and what they serve in store.

We’re calling on fast food brands to serve water with their kids’ meals, just like their ads say they do.

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We’re proud of our Kids’ Pak – it’s a child-specific portion size, comes with water as standard and is a nutritionally balanced option, packed full of colourful vegetables, fibre, carbohydrate and lean protein. Kids’ Pak also benefits from the improvements we’ve made to transform our entire menu – a 38% reduction in sodium, low sugar and low saturated fat across the range, as well as removing artificial ingredients. We’ve been offering wholesome, nutritious choices since our founding 50 years ago, and by working alongside great organisations like Parents’ Voice, we’re able to identify improvements and continue to make positive changes for the whole family.



Ben Miles, Subway Australia

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