Parents’ Voice launched a campaign called ‘Tips From Teddy‘ on the 20 April 2020, where they shared photos of Teddy doing fun, free and healthy activities for 21 days straight on their Instagram.

Try the activities

Day 1 Phenomenom! Ep 26. Eddie Woo and the Fun Guys

Day 2 Cosmic Kids Yoga The ‘Arnold the Ant’ workout

Day 3 Smiling Mind

Day 4Healthy Kids Pizza omelette recipe

Day 5P.E. with Joe Fancy Dress Friday workout


Day 6 – Bedtime meditation – Bedtime Explorers (for kids) & Headspace (for adults)

Day 7 – Gardening resources – Kidspot, Better Health Channel & Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Day 8 Transform-Us! Free family activity pack

Day 9Stop, Breath & Think Kids

Day 10 Jamie Oliver Soda bread recipeJamie and Buddy soda bread making LIVE stream –  Bonus link: Learn your fruit and veg

Day 11 – Kidzbop – Whoomp! There it is video

Day 12 – Family podcasts – Short & Curly, Wow in the World, Brains On!, The Squiz Kids & This Kids Life

Day 13 – Healthy eating activities – HEAS & Healthy Kids Association

Day 14 – We’re going on a bear hunt (or create your own treasure hunt at home)

Day 15 Mindful Powers

Day 16Virtual Farm

Day 17GoNoodle Madison Keys: Jump, Squat, Turn Around Activity

Day 18Parents’ Voice Blog Staying Sane Inside with Kids During the School Holidays Blog

Day 19Just Dance

Day 20 Healthy Harold, Healthy Me

Day 21 In Good Health