Add your voice to our ongoing campaign for healthier checkouts by donating a tweet, writing to your local retailer or snapping a pic. Check out how below – we’ve made it really easy for you!

Confectionary and sugar sweetened beverages are strategically placed within reach of children at checkouts in supermarkets, post offices, pharmacies, petrol stations and other retail outlets such as Target and Kmart. This product placement fuels pester power and makes it more difficult for us to make consistently healthy choices for our children.

Parents’ Voice campaigns for healthier checkouts in all Australian retail outlets.

Our Aim

For 50% of checkouts and their immediate vicinity to be free from the sale of all junk food and unhealthy beverages.

Response from Aussie retailers

No Australian retailer has committed to removing junk food and unhealthy beverages from checkouts, despite a growing number of retailers in the UK, US and Canada doing so.

Donate a tweet to our Healthy Checkouts Campaign

If you want to see the amount of junk food at checkouts reduced, contribute to the ongoing Healthy Checkouts campaign by tweeting the results of our Healthy Checkouts Survey to your local retailer. Please tag @ParentsVoiceAu in the post and use #HealthyCheckouts. For example:

@Coles 64% of parents would switch to a similar retail outlet nearby if it provided healthy checkouts #HealthyCheckouts @ParentsVoiceAU
@Woolworths 77% of parents would prefer to shop in a store where all checkouts are junk food free #HealthyCheckouts @ParentsVoiceAu
@Woolworths 77% of parents would prefer to shop in a store where all checkouts are junk food free #HealthyCheckouts @ParentsVoiceAu

If you’d prefer to send a letter or email to your local retailer asking for healthier checkouts, contact us and we can help you by providing a template.

Snap the problem

Take a photo of the checkout at your local supermarket, chemist, postoffice or any retailer. Tag it with #unhealthycheckouts or #healthycheckouts, post it on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tag us @ParentsVoiceAu or @parentsvoiceau. We’ll find it, RT/Regram/Share it, and use it to help push the case for healthy checkouts.

You can also email your pics to