Kids Super Snaps – what a child's eyes behold

A great supporter of the Kids Super Snaps campaign, who has previously written for us, Jules from The Bumpiest Path handed the power over to her children and found that marketing went beyond the supermarket…

When The Parents’ Jury asked me to participate in a serious yet FUN project I jumped in both feet first (cos I’m getting too old for head first).

Until the 24th July I will be posting photos on instagram, twitter and here.  Photos taken by children up to the age of 12.  Photos taken while shopping for FOOD.

I have to admit, I readily avoid taking children food shopping where possible.  I have so many memories of being dragged tired and grumpy around the store as a kid while both my parents argued over how expensive food was.  I recognise I can’t concentrate and it’s not fair on the kids.  They will have many hours as an adult to do their time in the Grocery Shopping zone.

You can get involved with this fun project by handing your camera/phone to your child and letting them snap away (you may even get some peace while shopping).  Post the photos to twitter via the hashtag#KidsSuperSnaps and share with others what you are doing.

Go to the Parents’ Jury site, it clearly outlines the Who, What, Where, When and Why of this assignment.

If you are not a tweeter that’s more than ok too.  Email the photos to me  put KidsSuperSnaps in the subject header.  I will edit the photos (crop any shopper’s faces out etc).  You may also post them to my Facebook page if you wish again use the #KidsSuperSnaps tag.

Perth Parents you have the remainder of this week to get involved since Perth is still on school holidays.

C’mon everyone, lets all jump on board with this one.  Fun for the kids, an eye opener for us parents and great ‘evidence’ for a worthy cause.  Wouldn’t shopping be so much easier if checkouts were lolly/sweet free!

Interesting, placed as a special right next to the checkout, during school holidays! #KidsSuperSnaps    – 5yr old

Even pharmacies are guilty! Kids sweets placed too low for the adult eye, low enough for a bored toddler/child to be very excited about.  #KidsSuperSnaps    – 5yr old

Checkouts again! #KidsSuperSnaps – 5yr old

On your way out. #KidsSuperSnaps

Easy grab bags for any sized hand #KidsSuperSnaps

NOTE:   All photos are taken by children without guidance or influence from adults.  Any shoppers or employees faces accidentally photographed will be edited out or blurred for privacy reasons.  Come join in and see what your child is attracted too while you shop.

If your child photographs ‘other’ items such as fruit, veggies etc, excellent please include those because they are a positive and highlight ‘Good News’.


THANK YOU  The Parents’ Jury for inviting The Bumpiest Path to be involved.

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