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Our recent Healthy Fundraising Campaign certainly touched a nerve with many of you. Unhealthy fundraising is obviously an issue not only in schools but also at sporting, dance and other children’s activities. This week’s post  from our friends at Nutrition Australia has some great alternatives for you to consider.

The recent Healthy Fundraising Campaign from The Parents’ Jury certainly touched a nerve with many of you. Unhealthy fundraising is obviously an issue not only in schools but also at sporting, dance and other children’s activities. It seems the chocolate drive remains the money raising activity of choice, mainly because it requires little thought, planning or ingenuity and can be relied upon to raise funds regardless of impact on diet.

Many of you have contacted us to tell us about the success of your healthy fundraising activities. A mum in NSW told us how her school community ran a special Mothers’ Day event which included a pamper session for Mums. It resulted in a fun catch up for lots of Mums and raised more than $500. They’re planning something similar for Dads.

A Dad in QLD rang to tell us that in his role as the Chair of his local P&C, he canvassed for support to introduce a healthy eating policy. He used the resources on our website (yes, this is a plug, but also a true story!)

We just love these stories. Please keep them coming as we will be updating our healthy fundraising resources section and your stories act as inspiration for others.

Our friends at Nutrition Australia and Food Smart Schools have compiled a list of alternative fundraising ideas which can be used for schools or clubs. So, if you’re fed up with the sausage sizzle, this list may inspire you to approach your child’s school or sports club and suggest a healthy alternative. We’ve also provided some useful campaigning tips on our website.

Let’s wave goodbye to the chocolate boxes and show our kids that we can raise money by using a little imagination, staying healthy and having fun.

Healthy Fundraising in Your School

Traditionally, fundraising events are based on unhealthy food choices – including pie drives, lamington drives, sausage sizzles, or chocolate drives to raise money. The introduction of Government food supply strategies for schools (e.g. Smart Choices in Qld, Fresh Tastes in NSW, and the National Canteen Guidelines) has seen many schools now take a different approach to their fundraising activities. Schools are seeking alternatives to food related fundraising drives altogether, or where fundraising includes food, using this as an opportunity to promote healthy food to school children and the wider community. Healthy school fundraisers support the healthy eating and physical activity messages children may receive at school and at home.

Here are some innovative healthy fundraising ideas for your school to consider:

Fetes and festivals-

Often a major fundraiser for the school. Some healthier food items to sell include:

  • Corn on the cob – grill on the BBQ and sprinkle with paprika for flavour
  • Curries served with rice
  • Noodle boxes- which include tasty, stir fried vegetables& meat or meat alternatives along with the noodles
  • Healthy muffins, slices and scones
  • Jacket potatoes served with lean mince or baked beans and reduced fat cheese
  • Gourmet yoghurts or sushi vendors
  • Plant a vegie seed in a tub


Fruit and vegetable drives

Consider putting together fresh fruit and vegetable boxes from your local grocery store /supermarket or local fruit and veg shop. Mention that they will have their name promoted on the product as a benefit to them.

A-thon it!

  • Walk-a-thons
  • Run-a-thons
  • Read-a-thon
  • Dance-a-thons.

Other social events are also a great way to bring together the school community – consider holding a trivia nights, raffles, silent auctions or group shopping tours, movie nights.


  • Toothbrush and/or sunscreen drives – are fundraisers that can help promote positive health messages and protect the health of your school community
  • Hand designed tea towels/bags/aprons – these items can be a great memento and present for parents to pass on. Visit or
  • Cookbook drive – cookbooks are a great way to promote healthy recipes from your community or school tuckshop. Visit
  • Non-food related stalls – a bric-a-brac, dunk the teacher/principal, face painting, farmyard animals, plant stalls


Visit us at Food Smart Schools or email for more information!

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