Aiming for a world that's NCD free – this campaign gives a voice to the world's poorest communities

What are NCDs?

Non-Communicable Diseases, or heart disease, diabetes, cancers and lung diseases kill more people than any other cause worldwide – more than 36 million people each year. Most of these deaths occur in the world’s poorest communities and the worst part – the vast majority of these deaths can be avoided.

Help us change this


We are two brothers – Sandro, a medical doctor and Giuseppe, a designer and creative director. One of us works with communities and governments and the other works with giant companies.

Together with the global Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, we want to give a voice to those affected by these diseases – celebrating and profiling the brilliant work of local NCD change-makers in Bangladesh, Mongolia, Kenya and more…

Our goal.

The head of the United Nations said when it comes to NCDs, we know what we need to do… now we need to find the political and social support to do it!

This social movement aims to do just that! To make NCDs globally understood and start a wave of social and political change.

Teaming up with Harvard, The University of Melbourne, Local Peoples Consulting and more, to give a voice to NCDs and local NCD heroes… to start something HUGE!

Our Solution.

1. Build a social and political voice for NCDs
Connect a network of global citizens – supporting those affected by and solving NCDs in the planet’s poorest communities. Rallying people like you to lend us your ears and help spread the word.

2. Create a series of short films
We will shoot THREE short films in three developing countries, focusing on inspiring, local change-makers who are bringing health to their communities with NCD solutions of worldwide importance.

Through celebrating their stories we will help a larger audience understand the challenges and opportunities – and how everyone can play a role.

3. Bring together leading changemakers
Using your donations, we will also bring together 10+ of the brightest change-makers and innovators from developing nations working to address NCDs in their communities. On stage at Harvard University, and The University of Melbourne, they will share their ideas and engage a global audience.

Calls for action & support from the frontline, we will film our change-makers and put their calls online to…

4. Create an online advocacy hub for NCDs
Their challenges, innovations and calls for support will be available to anyone worldwide, to watch, share & be inspired. This will cultivate the sharing of ideas, build social and political support and see these local heroes rally a global audience.

We need your support.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who have donated their time and resources, but we need your help to cover some costs to make all this possible.

Costs to create 3 films and profile change-makers in Bangladesh, Mongolia and Kenya, including:

  1. Travel & insurances to three developing countries
  2. Equipment hire
  3. Editing for 3 films

Costs of bringing the 10+ young change-makers from developing countries, to Boston to call for action & share their ideas:

  1. Flights
  2. Accommodation

The more money we raise, the more change-makers we can bring to tell their stories!

An extra $2,500 will get one more inspiring NCD hero to Boston to call for action for their community… $12,000 extra and we can film and profile another community-in-need!

Other Ways You Can Help…

Please spread the word!

Tweet, Facebook or email your friends. Tell them about this project and the change it will bring. It is only possible with your help!

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