Bowing out and why I'll always stay a member of TPJ

So here I am, writing my last post for The Parents’ Jury.  It’s been an interesting two years and I have learnt so much.

I’ve learnt parents who are delivering good healthy eating messages are being undermined and government and industry must be held to account for their role in our food environment. I’ve learnt pester power is a very real thing. I’ve come to believe passionately in the need for a return to active play. And I’ve learnt that if you make sure that a poll takes less than a minute to complete, you’re more likely to get responses!

More importantly, I’ve learnt that your concerns can translate into some great actions. From healthy fundraising to highlighting the issues of junk food marketing to children, from tackling the issue of McDonald’s play food in Toys R Us to removing infant fruit juice from supermarket shelves, your voices make a difference.

Thanks also for your stories. To those of you who battled to introduce healthy fundraising policies in your schools and kindergartens, who have changed the culture at their children’s sporting club to remove confectionary, introduced healthy birthday parties to their child’s friendship group and been part of movements to stop fast food outlet development in their communities, I congratulate you. Your stories have translated to our campaigns and resources and it’s been a pleasure to develop these.

To parents, grandparents and carers across Australia, thanks for joining The Parents’ Jury, thanks for taking the time to read the newsletter that we spend hours (ok, maybe an hour) crafting each month. Thanks for being great spokespeople in our communities and thanks to those of you who have ever filled in a poll, liked us on Facebook, followed us on twitter, written us a blog or become one of our spokespeople. You’re all inspiring.

You’ve made my job fulfilling, fun, challenging and above all interesting. It’s been great being part of The Parents’ Jury team and I plan to continue my membership (someone has to continue to fill in our polls!)

Best Wishes,

Corrina Langelaan
(soon to be ex) Campaigns Manager, The Parents’ Jury


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