Fight the vegie battle with our new campaigns manager

Fight the veggie battle with our new campaigns manager
“I hate vegetables because they are not yummy” my three year old declared to me. I was torn between being proud that he’d expressed his dislike with more than “I don’t want to” and being terrified that I had lost the vegetable v beige food battle.

“But you like carrots”


“And peas”


“See, you like some vegetables. It’s important that you try things before saying you don’t like them”

“Okay Mum. I’m good at trying things”

In the world of pre-school parenting this conversation is a huge success, and I’m sharing this with you, my fellow parenting colleagues, as I know you’ll understand.

You’re members of The Parents’ Jury, not because you can’t say no and not because you don’t feed vegetables to your children. It’s because the environments outside our control, schools, supermarkets, television, online, make it impossible to become an adult without learning the jingle for Coca-Cola. Environments where children’s cartoon characters adorn almost every type of junk food imaginable and advertisements implore children to ‘tell your mum it’s good for you’.

I share your concern and these are some of the reasons why I am honoured to be the new Campaigns Manager for The Parents’ Jury.

I’ve been a member, just like you, for the last couple of years. Answering surveys, nominating companies for the Fame and Shame Awards, and engaging in discussions on social media.

I am passionate about The Parents’ Jury, and am looking forward to working with all of you on providing better futures for our children.

Alice Pryor
Campaigns Manager
The Parents’ Jury

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