Hop to it – Have a health(ier) Easter

Last year I wrote a piece about reducing the amount of chocolate consumed by little boy at Easter time. All things in moderation doesn’t need to be completely tossed out the window when the Bilby hops into your house, I’ve always thought that a big part of the Easter fun is the egg hunt – rather than the eggs themselves.

Unfortunately for me, my little Charlie believes otherwise. He’s all for the surprises and the thrill of the hunt, but when you get right down to it Eastertime for him is all about the chocolate. A couple of months ago he asked me why he had to eat other food, surely chocolate was enough to sustain him!

So, how did we go last year? Well we didn’t give him chocolate apart from at the family egg hunt, and being the youngest there Charlie’s haul was one of the smallest. The setting was the beautiful Victoria State Rose Garden and Charlie and I spent lots of time wandering around and literally smelling the roses. We’re definitely back there again this year. I’m chalking that up as a parenting win.

This year we’ve started our Easter planning early and have a dozen blown eggs waiting for some messy painting fun and we’ll be spending lots of time in the great outdoors – camping followed by the annual egg hunt. Outdoor fun and family is the balance that a chocolate loving boy needs this Easter.

Some other ideas this Easter:

  1. Crafts of all types. Get your egg decorating on, paint some crazy Easter finger nails, turn a wooden spoon or paper plate into a cute chicken, make an egg hunt basket or anything with rabbit ears. My suggestion? Turn to Pinterest to be inspired and just a little bit overwhelmed.
  2. Cancer Council Australia have suggested making a donation for a loved one. A great idea for keeping the chocolate consumption down.
  3. Over at Diabetes Australia – Victoria the idea is to plan ahead for 2015 and grab yourself the 2014/2015 Entertainment book for a fun and active Easter 2015.
  4. Queensland kids are being encouraged to use the long weekend to get active with the app Daily Physical Activity: A guide for schools and clubs. Targetted at teachers, but equally applicable for parents, this is a lovely little app for all Australian children.

I hope these tips help you have a happy and active Easter, please share your ideas with us below.

Image from Brit+Co post: Genius! 40 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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