Meet the Team – Valerie

Valerie is studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Digital Media at Deakin University and is currently undertaking her student placement with us. She’ll be helping us with the Parents’ Voice social media accounts, so make sure you’re following us to see her work in action.

Meet Valerie

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to be part of the Parents’ Voice team. I’m looking forward to helping Parents’ Voice manage their social media accounts and achieve their vision.

Just a little bit about me

I was born and raised in the capital city of Vietnam, Ha Noi and I’m currently completing my placement remotely from Vietnam. I like to describe myself as responsible, punctual, positive and a little self-contained. But most of all I’m excited to be here.

I decided to pursue higher education in Australia in late 2019, a month before I turned 18. Although I have a strong background in mathematics and logical thinking, I chose to do a Bachelor of Communications and found my passion while studying. I will be graduating from Deakin University this November.

Now in my final year of studying Communications, I decided that it was time to start building some real-world experience. That was when I applied for internships and I was lucky enough to be accepted as an Intern at Parents’ Voice.

Why Parents’ Voice?

Healthcare is one of the top three fields (the other two are fashion and K-entertainment industry) where I would like to work after I graduate, because I’m emotionally attached to it and I want to help people protect their health.

After my interview with Parents’ Voice for the position, I was struck by the amount of passion and spirit the team displayed and I felt confident that I’d learn a lot from them, so I didn’t hesitate to accept when they offered me the internship.

I have enjoyed every moment that I have spent at Parents’ Voice so far and I’m looking forwards to what comes next.

My vision for the future

As a new intern, knowing nothing about the real-world working environment, I plan to get the most out of my internship by being proactive and learning as much as I can. But most importantly, I hope to help parents, like you, in bringing about the changes you desire see in the world for your children.

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