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Health Promotion

Janette is studying a Bachelor of Public Health and is currently undertaking her student placement with us. Here is a little about her and her interests. 

The grocery run

Up for a challenge? Try getting through the supermarket without coming head-to-head with five or more heavily discounted specials for processed foods. Chances are, you won’t be able to. New research from GLOBE found that it is almost impossible to pay for groceries without being exposed to unhealthy food and drinks!

As an employee at a supermarket, I can vouch for this. Since I began working as a cashier my eyes have been opened to the power and influence that our food environments have when it comes to deciding what we buy.

Processed food companies have an uncanny way of weaselling their products into our shopping baskets. Shopping within a jungle of clever marketing tactics, parents and families end up purchasing foods that they wouldn’t have otherwise purchased had they been in a food environment that promoted healthier options instead.

It has been these experiences amongst others that have spurred me on to study a Bachelor of Public Health. With my degree, I hope to contribute to food environments that are geared to promote healthy foods instead: where the healthy option is the easy option.

My work at Parents’ Voice

For this reason, I am so excited to be undertaking my student placement at Parents’ Voice where they advocate for just that!

I am looking forward to contributing to Parents’ Voice efforts to create healthy food environments for Australian children by calling out the unethical marketing of processed food companies and advocating for change.

One of my tasks will be to contribute to the development of a series of informative booklets for parents. Keep an eye out for a booklet on ‘unhealthy food marketing’ (a topic I’m very keen on), coming to you soon!

It is great to be part of this movement that envisions a healthier future and I look forward to making good use of the new skills and experiences I gain at Parents’ Voice.

Perhaps one day, when turning back from the check-out counter, parents will catch sight of excellent specials for healthful foods rather than food packaged with cheap ingredients like salt, sugar and fat and we’ll all know that we made a difference together.

How you can get involved

  1. Have you seen any processed food or drink marketing that you feel is targeting your kids? Send it through as a Fame and Shame nomination to Parents’ Voice at
  2. Join Parents’ Voice and add your voice to their campaigns that seek to create a better future for Australian children.

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