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Hi there, my name is Pasquale and I am a student at Latrobe University undertaking my student placement with Parents’ Voice. I can’t wait to get stuck into gaining a hands-on experience and learning more about my desired field of Health Promotion and Public Health.

Although this year (2020) has brought a great deal of uncertainty for everyone and will be remembered differently for most, I personally will remember it as the year that I completed my bachelor’s degree and joined Parents’ Voice (even if only for a short time).

A little bit about me

I am 23 years of age and have grown up in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. I have always been into sports from a young age, where I spent most of my time competitively participating in soccer and tennis.

Health Promotion

My background in sport led me to my interest in health and wellbeing. Although in high school I was unsure of my career path, it was later, when I started university, that I became exposed to the field of health promotion and public health. As I learnt more about these fields, I became interested in promoting good health through physical activity and nutrition in order to prevent the onset of chronic disease and illness.

My time at Parents’ Voice

Whilst looking for an organisation to do my student placement with, my subject coordinator suggested Parents’ Voice. After looking them up, I instantly felt aligned with the work that they do, because I strongly believe that promoting healthy behaviours to Aussie kids is essential to ensuring a healthier future for all.

During our time at Parents’ Voice, Janette and I will be creating online informative booklets for parents. These booklets will help to provide parents with important information on topics related to childhood/family health and wellbeing. One of the topics I will be making a booklet on is “packing a healthy lunchbox”, so keep an eye out for that! We will also be undertaking a range of other small tasks, so we can get the best hands on experience possible. I am really looking forward to it and I would like to express my gratitude to both Alice and Evie who have been fantastic.

My future aspirations

I have a passion for many different topics such as nutrition, heart health, physical activity and obesity, just to name a few. I am looking at taking on an honours course next year to build on my skills, and to learn new ones, as well as to secure a part time role in this field.

My goal in life and in my career is to support people with the tools they need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle with minimal exposure to disease or illness. I feel confident that my placement experience here at Parents’ Voice will give me the tools I require to expand my understanding of different health related topics, policies and procedures.

Time to get stuck into work here at Parents’ Voice, and I can’t wait to come away with new experiences, skills and knowledge.

Learn more about our other team members; Janette, Emily, Evie and Alice.

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