Is it just us? Or has 2021 felt like a blur?

Because we felt that 2021 flashed past way too quickly, we thought it’d be good to recap everything Parents’ Voice and our members achieved over the last year in one complete ‘end of year’ blog.

So, without further adieu, here is a review of 2021…


Parent Member, Sarah Dwyer and her family appear on our TV screens advocating for the #kidsaresweetenough campaign.

SA was struck by a fruit fly outbreak that made packing fresh food into school lunches more difficult than usual. In response, we wrote a popular blog on ‘Health lunchboxes & fighting fruit flies’.

We supported our Rethink Sugary Drink partners in releasing their “Full of Crap” counter-campaign.


We had a Health Star Rating win! When our calls for the Health Star Rating to improve how it rates fruit juices was heard. Juice ratings are now based on their individual sugar contents and how it compares to whole fruit, instead of receiving an automation rating of 5 stars.

Our top blog, ‘Putting an end to junk food advertising on government property’, was released and featured our good friends from Cancer Council WA talking about what public health groups are doing to put a stop to junk food marketing on Government property in Western Australia.


On 2 March our Manager, Alice Pryor, was featured as an expert speaker at The Obesity Collective’s World Obesity Day Event talking about the negative effects of unhealthy food marketing on kids.

And the next day appeared on Channel 7 News to discuss why judging parents for lunchbox contents is not helpful.

The ‘Brands off our kids’ campaign was launched by our partners at the Obesity Policy Coalition – which we are proud contributors and supporters of.

On 17 March, we launched our Parents’ Voice Chat Series with a chat to Dr. Alexandra Jones from The George Institute for Global Health about the Health Star Rating System and how Australia stacks up internationally.

We also joined 13 leading health and research organisations to release the ‘Streets are for everyone‘ consensus statement.


We collaborated with Brooke Davis to bring you 24 outdoor play ideas that you can download and do with your kids to help them choose green time over screen time.

On the 21 April, we chatted up with Leyla Asadi from Bicycle Network and we discussed their ‘Open Streets’ trial which saw families walking and riding the final 200 metres into Brunswick East Primary School.


In May, we collaborated with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service to create a fantastic new infographic which highlights 14 different Victorian organisations (including us!) that can help support your kids’ early childhood services with healthy eating and oral health.


Parents’ Voice joined the world in celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of Coca Cola bottles from view before a press conference. Taking US$4b of market value with it!

We launched our school canteen/tuckshop poll. Thank you to everyone who completed it. We will be aiming to use the data collected in early 2022 to advocate for healthier school environments Australia-wide.


Vy, a student placement from Deakin University, was welcomed into the Parents’ Voice team, where she led the creation of a social media content calendar. There’s a good chance that you may have even liked some of her dynamic content.

On 14 July, we held a new online version of our parent media training. It was the first time Parents’ Voice had held the training since 2016 and it was a blast training 10 new and dedicated spokesparents. We’re sure that you’ll see more of them as they represent us in the media in 2022.

Parents’ Voice joined Cancer Council WA and 9 other health organisations in calling to end the sponsorship of sport by junk food companies with their “Sugary drinks/junk food doesn’t belong in sport” campaign.

Alice chatted to VACCHO about how they were able to support community organisations to rethink the sale of sugary drinks.


Parents’ Voice steering committee member, Rachel Clemons, wrote an article for CHOICE looking at the hidden sugar found in 78 different toddler foods. Our Manager, Alice Pryor, was also quoted within it…

In August, the Parents’ Voice Chat Series featured Amy Wakem from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, where we talk about what a healthy school canteen should look like and what you can do to help support your school to provide healthier options.


We partnered with Deakin University to bring members an opportunity to share their thoughts on what influences them when they buy packaged food via a joint survey.

On 15 September, we talked with Natasha Grogan from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation about how families can grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh produce and we shared a delicious lettuce recipe afterwards too!

At the end of September, we were saddened to say goodbye to our amazing student placement Vy. We’re sure that she has a bright future ahead of her.


With a record number of nominations – almost 100 – the Fame & Shame voting was opened for members to cast their votes on the best and worst ads targeting kids in 2021.

We chatted to Karen Williams from Play Australia about the importance of play and how it can help families reconnect with their local community post-lockdown.

On 19 October, we called out McDonald’s Australia & Basketball Victoria in an official Ad Standards complaint for a joint email promotion that they sent to a 13 yo offering them a free Big Mac as a reward for signing up to their local basketball team!


We kicked off the Fame & Shame Awards with a very special Parents’ Voice Chat with Kathryn Backholer from Deakin University on the rise of unhealthy food marketing on digital platforms.

We began calling for applications for our Manager, Alice Pryor’s, maternity leave cover. Thank you to everyone who applied. Our newest team member will be announced in the new year.

On 23 November, we held our 17th annual Fame & Shame Awards which was streamed virtually via Facebook. The event was emceed by the Obesity Prevention Manager at Cancer Council WA, Ainslie Sartori and each winner was announced by one of our national parent reps. The recording is now available on our Facebook Page and you can view the winning advertisements in their entirety on our website. The event received a lot of media coverage including being featured on; the Herald Sun, Studio 10, 9New, 7News and a multitude of ABC Radio.


The Parents’ Voice Team was saddened to officially say “goodbye for now” to our Manager Alice Pryor on 2 December, as she begins 12 months of maternity leave. We’re going to miss you, Alice!

That’s a wrap on 2021!

2021 was a huge year for everyone, filled with lots of ups and downs and it was a great example of our resilience as a nation.

To all our members, we thank you for all of you support throughout 2021 and we wish you and your families a lovely holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Well, be back in the virtual office in early January 2022 to continue the good fight!

The Parents’ Voice Team

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